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its time

You excitedly look at the screen. It’s finally time to see more of the new video game, Persona 5. The protagonist seems sorta twink like, but you ignore it, eager to see some gameplay hopefully. You eagerly take your seat and the demo is about to start when you begin to hear… moaning? You’re in your seat already, it’s too late to avoid what catastrophe is to come. For some reason you can recognize a voice… The screen flashes to a video of Narukami fucking the new protagonist in the ass. The crowd is in tears. The sound of crying reverberates. Why is the new protagonist getting fucked in the ass? Is this the new trailer? Is THIS the demo? Why? 

what the fuck

Can’t wait to watch this guys standup routine on Comedy Central.



It doesn’t seem like Adachi is a Risette fan…

#BBY #!!

but when is true jackson vp and thats so raven coming back on netflix??




honestly sometimes in school people say the most ridiculous shit and I make this face and look somewhere at an imaginary camera like I’m on The Office

My school has security cameras in every classroom and I’ve done this at least 3 times each class this entire year. Today the security guard came up to me and told me I was his hero.